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Magnolia Art Studio

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Art Workshops at Magnolia Art Studio
If you and a friend would like to participate in one of the following, contact me with your preferred date/time, and I will organise it!

Yes, really!

  • Studio hours are:  Tue – Fri 2 – 8pm
    (weekend sessions can also be negotiated)

  • Workshops will be scheduled when at least two have booked.


None of these workshops require prior experience, so please join me and let's have some fun!

For those already signed up.  the schedule is fluid and ongoing - I will contact you, Thank you!

  • Make a paper clay sculpture ,  2 sessions x 2.5 hours, including materials: $100 per person (if an additional session is required, this can be accommodated). 

  • Acrylic painting party (participants chose their subject) 16" x 20" canvas - 2.5 hrs incl materials: $50 per person.

  • Paint – no expectations, just fun!  1.5 hr, all materials included: $25 per person. 

  • Paper making session - 2.5 hrs incl materials: $30 per person (Max 2)  (the papers will need to dry for up to a week and then we can arrange pick up).

  • Collage workshop -  3 hrs incl materials: $50 per person. I will discuss collage techniques and then guide you to make your own artwork. 

  • E is for Experiment and for Emu!  - 3 hrs, $50 per person: incl materials. You will create an exquisite pair of Stirling silver earrings, and an enchanting and experimental water colour/ink brush.

  • Explore mark making and create a large sketchbook from a single piece of paper - 2 hrs including materials: $40 per person.

  • Alcohol Ink workshop - 2 hours (weather dependent - held outside) including materials: $50 per person.

  • Introduction to chain making workshop - 2 hrs incl materials: $45 per person.

  • Fun with Gelli plates!  With a simple tool and some paint, you can make all sorts of monoprints.  2.5 hrs incl materials: $50 per person

What participants have said about Wendy’s workshops:

  • Her workshops are full of sharing her knowledge of mediums, ideas and uses, while supporting each artist’s varying approaches to collage work. I have yet to meet a collage artist who so easily pulls all elements together easily while sharing an international story of inspiration and struggle.  Thank you Wendy for your kindness, strength and insights! 

  • I love her art, beautiful and very inspiring to say the least. She    gives you the right amount of information, suggestions and guidance to get you to begin imagining and playing around with various elements so you can create your own little masterpiece. I highly recommend her classes.

  • She is a skilled and excellent teacher. Her class is fun and light. What a wonderful way to spend a few afternoons! I also quite adore the piece of her art I purchased. The class felt very “Covid safe” too.

If you would like to visit Magnolia Art Studio, you are most welcome by appointment.  Please contact me to arrange a suitable time.

My Vision

Magnolia Art studio promises to be a creative, safe, and caring environment where you can develop new skills, make new friends, and discover new opportunities.

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