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My little books are best experienced in person. They invite a one on one interaction...

to ponder, to wonder, to discover, to reminisce.

Please contact me if you would like to have some of your treasures incorporated into a piece.

Most books are approx 2x3" , ie  5x7.5cm and chain/lanyard is typically 24"

Elaine's Book
Commission, mixed media: glass, steel, paper, textiles, feathers
Elaine requested that her book incorporate samples from her wedding gown, a photo of her parents, and other mementos. It was my honour to make this wearable book for her.
Entomologist's journal
Mixed media: tin box, old (?) Bakelite brooch, mother of pearl inlay chopstick, stamps, steel
Once upon a time in the land of never ne
Mixed media: fabric and lace, copper, aluminium, paper, stamps, maps, glass, steel
Leda and the swan
In Memory
Mixed media: various leather, steel, copper, paper, stamps, photographs, Canadian Legion Card 1958
feathers, fabric, hand forged steel change, leather cord
Wedding book
Commission, Mixed media: hand forged steel chain, glass beads, leather, paper, found objects.
Hand painted miniatures, of the client's dogs.
Gloria's Book
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