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Collage Girls - Class of 1928

In 2018 I acquired a lovely 1928 university year book.

I was drawn to the faces of the women, who at first glance looked similar owing to the wavy bob hairstyle that had just become popular at the time.

But, on closer inspection they began to stand out and I found myself wondering what exciting prospects life had in store for them.  They were graduating from university, and had the world at their feet.

Did they invent, create, explore, navigate, diagnose, engineer?
I’ve imagined a career path for each of these women and these are my “Collage Girls”.

Each collage is approximately 3.5 x 5".  Framed 5 x 7.  ($50 each plus postage)

Cards (5x7") are available of some collages ($5.50 each plus postage)

Movietone version

The Collage Girls series is now available as an 8 x 6 inch book!  Price is $57.00 (Can) plus postage (within Canada  $5.00, or Australia $28/book)

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