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Collage - Aviation Series

My “Aviation” series, initially inspired by aeroplane postage stamps... lead me to explore the theme of early aviation.  Aviation history and its courageous and clever pioneers are amazing.  How daring and audacious it was for a pilot to set off into the sky in an open cockpit, fabric covered craft made of wood, no navigational aids, no oxygen, no parachute...

Aircraft have evolved into the reliable, safe and even glamorous machines that we take to the skies today.  Several of my collages have been created at the request of Viking Air Ltd, based in North Saanich on Vancouver Island.

The work titled “Foul Weather” incorporates a photo of an early Boeing airliner, the Stratoliner, one of the first pressurised cabins.

The work called “Aurora” shows a Canadair North Star, and the piece “ Longing” features an image of a Lockheed Vega aircraft.

Cards (5x7") are available of some collages ($5 each plus postage)

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