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I purchased Wendy's 2020 art piece "A Confusion of Words" because it generates my same feelings about these challenging times. I hope in a more gentle future that Wendy's piece will represent a catalyst for the world to refocus on our shared humanity.  Lois Hellemond, B.C.

Wendy has a great eye for coaching. I learn something every time I speak to her about collage.  Carol.

Wendy Duffield is a talented artist who makes found objects interesting, beautiful or both. But ALWAYS interesting and fun to wear. Her ability to marry unusual materials to make a complete object is amazing.   Her talent for finely sawn metal is just about unbeatable by any metalsmith.
Linda Upton, Artist

Wendy Duffield is the finest exponent of saw piercing I've met. She also has a highly developed pictoral sense which enables her to create imaginative themes for her small works and jewellery.

David Clayton, Silversmith

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