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Solo Exhibition :  Near & Far


Using family photos and other vintage images I’ve placed figures and objects into new surroundings, sometimes real, sometimes imaginary. 

The contrast between subject and landscape challenges both our sense of space: far and near; and time: past and present.

In doing this I hope to bring the subjects nearer to us by presenting them afresh.

“The rich world of textures, fabric, and ephemera invites the viewer to peer beneath the surface of her multilayered work.  She leaves the viewer intrigued, which allows space for the observer, inviting them to interpret the picture and unravel its mysteries."

Natural Connections

To this group of talented and diverse artists, the theme natural connections refers to many things -  our relationships with habitats and animals, relationships between people unhampered by technology, our relationship with our materials, and the ideas and stories that evolve from our artistic expression. 
November 2020 - to be advised

ArtSea Gallery

Sidney BC

Current Threads 2021

October 2021

Arbutus Gallery, James St. Duncan

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