Jewellery - Gallery

Wearable mixed media art work &

Traditional jewellery of sterling silver and semi precious stones

Witness.  (Sold)
Witness. (Sold)

Mixed media: vintage silver plated spoon, paper, silver, steel

Water baby  (Sold)
Water baby (Sold)

Sterling silver, enamel

Gumnuts  (sold)
Gumnuts (sold)

Sterling Silver. Swarovski crystals

Atlantis.   (Sold)
Atlantis. (Sold)

Handforged steel chain & Mixed media: leather, steel, wood, aluminum, glass, barnacle.

Harlequin.   (Sold)
Harlequin. (Sold)

Vintage porcelain, insulator, lace, old hardware, leather, faux pearls

Thumper says.   (Sold)
Thumper says. (Sold)

Mixed media: hand forged steel chain, glass, porcelain, enamel, linen thread, leather

Flying fox
Flying fox

fine silver pmc, stirling silver

Aurora.  (Sold)
Aurora. (Sold)

Bone, glass beads, old electronic parts, steel, leather

Paua tree earring   (Sold)
Paua tree earring (Sold)

Stirling silver, paua shell; pierced, fabricated

Polar bear ring
Polar bear ring

fine silver pmc, acrylic


Rutilated quartz & pierced line design


fine silver pmc, stirling silver