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Collage Girls, Class of 1928

Vote for your favourite Collage Girl and go into the draw to win a handmade wearable journal valued at $60. (see photo below)
Competition closes 15 December.
The winner will be contacted by email. 
Thank you for your interest and good luck!

solo bannerv4.jpeg

Thank you for entereing!

Journal 1.jpg

The competition prize is this hand made, marbelled paper and cloth bound hard cover, 2.5" x 3", unlined book hanging from a thin 24" leather cord.  Mother of pear button closure and vintage navigational chart pages inside.

Journal 2.jpg

Collage Girls, Class of 1928

The Architect

The Author

The Botanist

The Cardiologist

The Composer

The Engraver

The Herbalist

The Marine Scientist

The Mathematician

The Meteorologist

The Naturalist

The Neuroscientist

The Oceanographer

The Photographer

The Pilot

The Traveler/Explorer

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